Ushering and Hospitality

Ushering & Hospitality

Welcomes worshipers and directs them to their respective seats and assist in whatever capacity to ensure that they are comfortable and that their needs are met during church services e.g. directions to the toilet, assistance to nursing mother’s e.t.c.
Maintaining order during meetings and services and removal or minimizing distractions such as crying babies or ringing mobile phones during service. They also function as policemen outside the church ensuring order in the parking lot and security of church members vehicles and properties.
Ushers also manage routine protocol duties within the church during services and also ensures safe transportation of guest Ministers from port of arrival, throughout their stay with the church and to their port of departure. Publications This is the literature ministry of the church. It provides reading resources that help people commit their lives to Jesus Christ and show Christ’s lordship in their daily living.
To accomplish this, it publishes Sunday service bulletin.
The ministry endeavors to provide publications and other communications materials that clearly communicate the vision and values of the Church.